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 文明英语作文锦集 8 篇 文明英语作文


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 In the morning, I saw my mother sweating profusely on the floor. I asked her how you mop the floor every day, and her mother said, "1, you don"t speak hygiene. Sometimes you go home from the outside and don"t change your slippers. 2 should be open every day with dust in the window. For our health, so I do sanitation every day. And the water used is the cold water before the bath.

 Today, I"m going to sweep the yard. I want to do something I can do. I took the broom feel heavy, simply can not control it, as my mother took so handy. I sweep for a while, also a sweat, mom said, yes, good job. I looked back. Oh, it"s not clean yet. Mom smiled. "It doesn"t matter. You"re great, and you"ll have to do it tomorrow.".

 Also, speaking of civilization, I was criticized by my father today, because I spoke rudely to my mother, and I promised dad to get rid of all the bad habits. Whatever is wrong, change is a good child. My weakness, mother knows most, knows not to say too.

 In the future, I will help my mother do something I can do, do housework and exercise. Oh, I want to be a civilized, polite and good child. 文明英语作文


 2 2

 If growth is the symbol of childhood, then happiness is me.

 I am steady and generous, quiet and lovely, with a wide range of interests, making friends and helping others. I am full of good dreams for life. Because of this, I work hard every day to realize my dream and live a full and happy life. As lei feng said: "I live, only one goal is to be useful to the people. It is my duty to help people to overcome difficulties and contribute their own. "In school, my classmates have difficulties and I will extend my warm hand. In life, start from the small things around you, such as giving your seat to the old, taking

 care of the public property, protecting the environment, and doing what you can do. Actively participate in social activities, wenchuan earthquake, I donate to those unfortunate, to visit the lonely old man huaibei orphanage, I feel happy, because I know is to help others happy yourself.

 I love music. Music can take away my troubles, can take me to feel the warmth of the sun, to experience the flight of happiness, to explore the traces of life. Not only do I play the folk instrument, the hulusi, but I also play the western Musical Instruments. I won the second prize in the second hulusi competition in anhui province. During the "happy family" event held by the women"s federation of huaibei city, I won the special prize with my grandfather"s erhu ensemble.

 I love reading. Because I feel that reading a good book is like talking to a lot of noble people, and I understand that "it is never too late to come again. Time and tide wait for no man. I not only like to watch: the classics "journey to the west", "a dream of red mansions", "water margin", "three kingdoms", also like detective fiction detective conan, "Sherlock Holmes". These books can broaden my horizon, enrich my knowledge and bring me happiness.

 Perhaps it is because of my love for life and my keen interest in various things that makes me a good character. I am full of confidence in life, I am happy to live every day, and I am willing to bring happiness to everyone. 文明英语作文


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 to witness immoral behavior in public, one need only visit the beijing subway. i still remember the first time i took the beijing subway. it was an early morning. i was in a hurry to go to school. when i was trying to get a ticket, i found a lot of people waiting in front of me, but nobody was in the line.immoral behaviors in public exert a series of problems. one of the most serious ones is that it may exert a negative impact on our sense of social responsibility. we will keep ignoring other people’s rights and feelings, and in turn, we too will be disrespected some day.

 the improvement of this phenomenon is certainly not easy. with an eye on practical implementation and cost effectiveness, i propose that society make it clear in every way that people who fail to respect the

 common good will be seriously punished. stricter policies for this should be made to correct this phenomenon as soon as possible. 文明英语作文


 4 4

 On Development of Tourism With the opening and reform policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. Tourism brings China a lot of benefits.

 First, it enablesitheChinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes frlendship and understanding.

 Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs more foreign currencies, for its modernization program. Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. There are many uncivilized phenomenon in the tourist attractions.

 For instance, Some tourists spitting everywhere. As a result of overcrowding caused serious heritage-breaking.it also becomes a burden to our inefficient transportation system. Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels.

 Therefore, there are still a lot of obstacles hindering the expansion of tourism in our country. As for me, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step. A much better and brighter future awaits us. 文明英语作文


 5 5

 On September 12th, 20xx, our school held a flag-raising ceremony on the playground with the theme “For your safety, for your life!”

 Tang Shaofeng, on behalf of the students, made a speech. He said that safety concerns every one of us and hidden threat against safety was everywhere. We may easily get injured in sports or traffic accidents , or get sick from food poisoning. Therefore,we should pay more attention to safety and try to learn more about first aid. To sum up, we should take good care of ourselves for the sake of our familys happiness.

 Later, our headmaster gave us some specific requirements. He said both teachers and students should attach special importance to school safety. Firstly, riding bicycles on campus is strongly prohibited. No ball games are allowed in the academic areas. We should keep to the right when going upstairs or downstairs. Besides, the windows must be closed and the doors must be locked when the last one leaves the classroom. Finally, we should always obey the traffic rules on our way home or to school. 文明英语作文


 6 6

 We have seen many news about how rude Chinese tourists were, such as throwing away rubbish at will, jumping the queue or speaking loudly in public 。

 The media from home and abroad always spread the negative information about Chinese tourists, while it is just small part, not presenting the truth。


 I have been to many foreign countries 。

 Everytime before I started my journey, I told myself to be polite and well behaved and I made it。But I found that many bad behaviors happened among foreigners, whom we used to believed the most polite people in the world 。

 They jumped the queue and spoke loudly in the public 。

 So it is not fair to CRIticize Chinese tourists all the time。


 It is true that some Chinese tourists don’t realize their bad behaviors, but now, most people behave themselves well and act very politely 。

 When we see the negative information, there is no need to self―denial, as it happens in every country。

 We are happy to see that the young generation is spread the positive image to the world。




 7 7

 Panda is favored by people, because they are so lovely. Many people come to Sichuan to see the pandas in the zoo, but the media always report some bad behaviors. Some tourists throw away the rubbish and some adults let their kids stand in the handrail, just to get closer to pandas. We need to act politely, for protecting the environment and animals.

 熊猫因其可爱深受人们的青睐。许多人去四川看动物园里的大熊猫,但媒体总是报道一些不好的行为。一些游客乱扔垃圾,一些大人为了让小孩理熊猫更近一 点,让他们站在栏杆上。为了保护环境和动物,我们需要文明行为。



 8 8

 例 1:

 请根据下列提示用英语在校园网站上报道该校即将举行的一次主题演讲活动。主题:文明校园,我的责任 时间:本周六上午地点:学校操场 演讲者:各年级演讲前两名获胜者出席人员:全体师生 主要内容:不乱扔废弃物,保持校园清洁; 爱护花草、树木,让校园充满绿色; 不追逐打闹,文明举止;

 关爱他人,让校园充满爱。参考词汇:文明 civilize 例 1:

 There will be a speech on our school playground this Saturday afternoon, whose theme is “To civilize schoolyard is my

 responsibility”. All the teachers and students are required to attend. In the activity, the first two winners in each grade will give such valuable advice as follows: we should not litter anywhere in order to keep our campus clean; we should love flowers, grass and trees so that everyone can enjoy the greenness; we should behave well instead of running after one another, quarreling and fighting noisily; we should care for others so that our school will be full of love. We believe our school will become more and more beautiful and peaceful.

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